What Are Your Environmental Priorities?

Thank you for participating in this survey!
We are a group of researchers from Virginia Tech who study ecological restoration, the process of helping damaged ecosystems recover. Right now, we are identifying issues and questions about ecological restoration that are important to the ~300,000 people who live in the Rappahannock River watershed—people like you. The Rappahannock River watershed is the area of land (about 7380 square kilometers, or 2849 square miles) that drains into the Rappahannock River. It runs through 18 counties in Virginia, from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Chesapeake Bay.
We hope that you, as a resident of the watershed, will take this survey and tell us which issues and questions are most important to you. Our team will use the results of this survey to advocate for the issues and projects you identify as important. We will make the results available to you, and to scientists and environmental managers so that they can prioritize solutions that matter to people who live in the watershed.
This survey has 4 parts. It will take about 30 minutes to complete. In a few months, we will also ask you to complete a second version of this survey that is revised based on input from the first set of responses we receive. Please review this information sheet with more details about this effort. (Virginia Tech IRB Review #22-136: Exempt)
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